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((Includes @DrEMasen, @LiverAndChianti, @AriaBlazing, and @TortureIsMyJoy))

Part One.

Dr. Masen – Saturdays were always light days. I only had two patients, the first of which dealt with the moment I came into the office. While waiting on the second I went over plans for the new clinic. Everything was going smoothly and I hoped to be moved over there in just a few months. There was still a lot to do, but I was confident. After going on a coffee run for the staff I attempted to retrieve Nixon from the ladies in my employ, but it seemed he’d be spending the day passed around and spoiled rotten. I couldn’t help but smile. He was the reason I loved my career. Everyone should have the chance to have such joy in their lives. Giving up I sat on the counter, watching my nurses coo over my son as he babbled away at them. Not a bad way to spend a day at work.

Dr. Lecter – “Aria? Are you ready yet?” Calling out as I once again glanced at my watch, sighing softly. If this kept up, we were going to get there /tomorrow/, if we were lucky. Tapping my fingers against the counter, I whistled once for @AnAdorableDog, wondering if he was around this afternoon. Leaning back on my chair, I couldn’t suppress the grin that spears across my lips at the thought of where @AriaBlazing were headed. The first pregnancy checkup. She had been fretting about it for days now, and I had been doing my very best to console her. Though in all truthfulness…. I was more excited, and nervous, than she was. Pacing across the kitchen, I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time and sighed, waiting for @AriaBlazing.

Aria – Throwing my hair up in a high ponytail, I took one more glance at myself in the mirror. Not that what I looked like would matter to @DrEMasen or @LiverAndChianti for that matter, but today was a special day. A wonderful day. We were going to find out how far along I was, if everything was okay, and well, maybe hear my little Boo’s heartbeat. Holding my tummy for the millionth time today, I smiled into the mirror. “Everything will be fine. I know it.” Until I heard @LiverAndChianti‘s bellow from somewhere in the house. “Coming, Doc!” grabbing my purse from the bed as I headed out and down the hall, I couldn’t help the excitement that had now grown to near bursting. I’d hopefully even get to find out my due date, which is something I’d wanted so badly, if not just to plan. The baby’s room..and just everything that needed to be squared away, before our little baby boy or girl came into this world, into a home that would smother t in love. Laughing to myself at my choice of phrasing, I finally spotted @LiverAndChianti sitting in his usual chair, looking as and calm as ever, and I had to giggle. This would be a -good- day. “Well let’s go, then. You didn’t plan on taking a nap did you?” Grinning @LiverAndChianti as I teased, holding out my hand.

Dr. Lecter – Grins broadly as @AriaBlazing /finally/ waltzes down the stairs, bump barely visible as I take her hand and give it a little squeeze. “Ha ha, very funny. Though if you’d taken much longer, I might of…” Laughs as I grab my keys off the dresser and lead @AriaBlazing out of the kitchen and into the garage, my excitement being betrayed slightly by my pace, before we’re both seated in the car. “Excited?”

Aria – Comforted by @LiverAndChianti‘s hand in mine, I followed out to the car, laughing softly with him as I slid into my seat and buckled myself in. “Excited? It’s like I have a farm of butterflies in my tummy, and it’s -not- the baby.” Grinning over @LiverAndChianti as he pulls out of the garage and begins the drive. “How about you, PapaBear? You seem rather…calm all things considered.” Turning from @LiverAndChianti‘s profile to gaze out the window as we head toward @DrEMasen‘s office.

Dr Lecter – I’m a sociopath, my darling. I always seem calm. *laughs as I keep @AriaBlazing‘s hand in mine as we drive towards @DrEMasen‘s clinic, grinning still* So, be honest with me. Would you prefer a girl or a boy? *Knowing I’ve probably asked that question a million times, but still wanting to hear*

Aria – laughs hard @LiverAndChianti‘s explanation, knowing it to be -very true as I gaze out the window, only to be pressed again by his incessant need to know what I’d prefer, reaching over to softly touch @LiverAndChianti‘s arm* Darling, as I’ve said over and over again, I don’t care as long as it’s healthy, although…*pondering for a moment* I’m quite fond of pink and frilly things. Can you imagine a little girl with a bow on her head and pink dresses full of ruffles? *sighs through a grin as the vision comes to me, watching as you make the necessary turns before we’re @DrEMasen‘s* I mean, not that a little boy wouldn’t be cute in little baseball outfits either.

Dr Lecter – Yes, that certainly would be cute. *chuckles softly and signals before turning onto the lane to @DrEMasen‘s, rubbing my thumb over the back of @AriaBlazing‘s hand* I think… I’d like either or. As you said, as long as it’s healthy. *smiles softly as I park in front of @DrEMasen‘s place and kill the engine* Ready?

Aria – *grinning over to @LiverAndChianti as we arrive, feeling the gentle brush of his thumb before we park and I undo my buckle* Yep, healthy. And omigosh am I ever ready. *laughing as I let go of @LiverAndChianti‘s hand to leave the car, grabbing my purse, before we head into the office and to the receptionist* Aria Lecter to see @DrEMasen, please. *glancing around, too excited to sit*

Dr Masen – Grins as I hear @AriaBlazing speak, comes around from the partition behind the receptionist with her file in hand. I nod to my nurse then turn my attention to @AriaBlazing and @LiverAndChianti.- Good afternoon Dr. and Mrs. Lecter. Just follow my nurse there. She will get your vitals checked and settle you in a room. I will be with you both shortly.

Aria – Dr. Masen! *smiling as @DrEMasen surprises both me and @LiverAndChianti, I nod respectfully to him before following the nurse back to a room, pulling @LiverAndChianti along with me and making sure he’s calm and in a chair before undressing and donning one of those awful paper gowns* Eech. *before the nurse comes back, checking my heartbeat, my blood pressure, which is a little elevated, and jokingly telling her it’s “White Coat Syndrome”* You alright? *looking over @LiverAndChianti as the nurse leaves and we wait for @DrEMasen*

Dr Lecter – Afternoon, Dr. *smiling warmly @DrEMasen as he directs us, chuckling as @AriaBlazing practically yanks me into a chair, waiting slightly impatiently until she comes out again.* Me? I’m a-ok. *grins, eyeing the way @AriaBlazing looks nervous* Are /you/ okay? I know you don’t like the doctors office…

Aria – *waggles a finger at @LiverAndChianti to come in the room* Get in here, you. *attempts a smile* And yes, I’m okay, as long as I don’t see any needles.

Dr Lecter – *laughing as I get up and follow @AriaBlazing into the room, I nod once at her mention of the needle* I can’t say I’m fond of needles either, to be honest. Never have been. *shrugs and takes @AriaBlazing‘s hand, waiting for @DrEMasen*

Dr Masen – -Knocks lightly on @AriaBlazing‘s door- Are you decent? -Laughing I awaited her response, my nurse rolling her eyes at me-

Aria – *nearly chokes on the irony of @LiverAndChianti‘s admission as he steps in and he and takes our respective spots, before I hear @DrEMasen‘s voice and laugh* As decent as I can be in one of these fabulous gowns. Come on in!

Dr Masen – -Walks in laughing @AriaBlazing‘s comment, my nurse trailing behind me.- I really need to do something about those gowns. I’ve actually ordered something better for the new clinic, @AriaBlazing. You’ll get to see them soon. -Shakes @LiverAndChianti‘s hand firmly then sits on my stool next to the exam table.- Do either of you have questions @AriaBlazing?

Dr Lecter – *Returning @DrEMasen‘s handshake as I stand at @AriaBlazing‘s side, shaking my head once as I look over at her* Well, I don’t… but I believe Aria might have a few? Or no?

Aria – *feeling a bit nervous now, I glance @LiverAndChianti before addressing @DrEMasen* I’m not sure what to ask because I don’t really know what you’re going to do, @DrEMasen, but I trust you, so just tell me what I need to do.

Dr Masen – -Smiles reassuringly @AriaBlazing– I am going to quickly check some things then we are going to take a peek at the baby. all I need from you is for you to lay back and let me see the baby bump, @AriaBlazing. Nothing to be nervous about.

Dr Lecter – *Glances @AriaBlazing as @DrEMasen speaks, nodding once as my hand rests on the small of her back* See, love? Nothing to be nervous about.

Aria – Alright…*responding softly to @DrEMasen as I lie back, following @LiverAndChianti as he walks around to the other side of the table, just making sure @LiverAndChianti is still breathing, feeling his supportive hand, before I take a deep inhale myself* Will we get to see it today, @DrEMasen? Oh and I guess I had a question. *laughs nervously, glancing between you and @LiverAndChianti*

Dr Masen – Yes you will, @AriaBlazing. -I smiled, hands moving gently over her abdomen, nodding to myself before jotting down a few notes. I reached for the doppler, headphones in while speaking to @AriaBlazing and @LiverAndChianti.- Your uterus is growing as expected and your vital signs were good. This is good news. -I squirted gel on @AriaBlazing‘s belly and slowly moved the wand around, eyes flickering from the screen before me to @AriaBlazing‘s bump. This was the moment I dreaded and loved most about my work. A wide smile broke out as the familiar rapid swish filled my ears and I disconnected my headphones, the sound filling the room.- That is your baby’s heart beat, @AriaBlazing and @LiverAndChianti.

Dr Lecter – *Watching in curiosity as @DrEMasen spreads the gel onto @AriaBlazing‘s slightly swollen belly, beginning to run the wand over it. Cocking my head slightly to the side, I took in this spectacle. Even thought I had worked in hospitals for years before I had met @AriaBlazing, I had never once seen an ultrasound happen, and had never /dreamed/ of seeing my wife’s happen. My breath catching in my throat as @DrEMasen removes his headphones and the steady swish noise filled the room, I was shocked to find myself speechless*

Aria – *They say the oddest things pop into your head at such moments, and while @DrEMasen prodded and pressed my bump at first, the only thing I could think of was that another man’s hands were on me, while @LiverAndChianti watched, this bringing forth a tiny giggle, partially because I was so ticklish, but not enough to deter @DrEMasen from continuing. I watched his face closely even when he spread the gel on my tummy, flinching only slightly with the chill of it, before I felt the wand running over and around my bump. At first, @DrEMasen‘s expression seemed…intense, until he whipped off headphone thingies and the sounds of a baby’s thumpy heartbeat filled the room. Gasping I reached for @LiverAndChianti‘s hand, almost not wanting to breathe as I listened* Doc, do you hear that? *my smile growing wider with each precious and resilient thud, tugging on @LiverAndChianti‘s hand again as I looke up at him, his face a little grey* It’s okay, Doc. *smiling up at @LiverAndChianti and pulling his hand to my chest* Boo is okay.

Dr Lecter – *Swallowing hard as @AriaBlazing rugs once more on my hand, a slow smile spreading across my face at the steady sound* That’s… our baby. Wow. *looking down at @AriaBlazing, now grinning like a loon, I laugh out loud* Wow.

Dr Masen – Everything looks great, @AriaBlazing. -I smiled @LiverAndChianti, hoping the doctor believed me.- You are about 12 weeks along, @AriaBlazing. -I went on to explain what she could expect, sure @LiverAndChianti would answer any concerns she had I failed to cover. I wrote out a script for prenatal vitamins, stressed the importance of calcium and staying hydrated, then left the happy couple with my card and cell number, pictures, and a DVD of their little one.- If either of you need anything, just let me know. -Looking between @AriaBlazing and @LiverAndChianti, I shook both their hands as I left.- Congratulations to you both!

Aria – Still basking in the glow of listening to our baby’s heartbeat, I tried to come back to earth as @DrEMasen gave directions, handed me the script, DVD, and everything else, feeling breathless* Yes, @DrEMasen. I got it, and if I didn’t, I’m sure @LiverAndChianti will remind remind me. And thank you. Thank you -so- much. *wanting to hug @DrEMasen but seeing that he was needed elsewhere, I simply sat up to wipe off my tummy, before turning to @LiverAndChianti* Let’s…go celebrate maybe? With dinner? *pressing a soft palm to his cheek as your smile lit the room* I’m hungry for meat. Steak. *laughing as I began to dress*

Dr Lecter – *Listens intently to all @DrEMasen‘s instructions, committing them to memory and knowing that I’ll need to remind @AriaBlazing about them at least a million times. After he leaves, I turn to @AriaBlazing and grin widely* Dinner sounds… fantastic. And you can have whatever you want, my love. *wearing a smile I was sure was going to stuck around for days, I waited patiently as @AriaBlazing dressed.* And after that… how about a little us time? *smirks and laughs as I take @AriaBlazing‘s hand, leading her out of the room and down the hall, past the receptionist’s desk, and out the door* Have I told you I loved you today?

Part Two.

Aria – Mmm, steak and -us- time sounds perfectly perfect. *beaming up @LiverAndChianti as we walked out of @DrEMasen‘s office on our way to the car, the sun shining as brightly as my mood, our hands clasped between us swinging, as I lowered my voice* Maybe I should have -you- for dessert. *laughing as @LiverAndChianti let go of my hand to walk around the car* And no, @LiverAndChianti, you haven’t told me how much you love me today, but it’s not nearly as much as I love you.
Jasper – [Watches @LiverAndChianti and @AriaBlazing from a distance, taking careful and slow steps in their direction as they near their car. I kept thinking to myself “The time was now…. Let the games begin.” Remaining shadowed by my surroundings, I managed to cut around @LiverAndChianti and @AriaBlazing, hiding in a nearby alley just a few feet. At a moments notice, I got into character. This wasn’t just going to be a simple kidnapping, I needed to separate them. Just before @LiverAndChianti could get into his car, I managed to give myself a black eye and busted lip with a few punches to the face. With a hunched back and low tone of voice that signified I was badly hurt, I left my hiding spot and limped my way towards @LiverAndChianti and @AriaBlazing, reaching out to them for help.] … H-h-help.. me
Dr Lecter – *Laughing softly as @AriaBlazing speaks; I rest my hand on the small of her back, leading her towards the car. Still smiling at the memory of the sound of /our/ babies heartbeat, seeing @AriaBlazing smile, laugh, just be happy, this day was possibly one of the best I’d ever had* Uh huh…. *Suddenly hearing a shuffling sound coming from behind us, my brow furrowed as I turned to see a hunched over, bleeding and bruised man, nearly crawling towards @AriaBlazing and I* Good Lord… what happened?!
Aria – *Just reaching my door, I giggle softly upon hearing @LiverAndChianti reply to my suggestion, my hand pulling on the lever until a voice in the distance takes my gaze from @LiverAndChianti‘s to a man just beyond him, almost ready to fall over* Oh!…*I hear the noise of my own surprise fall from my lips, watching as @LiverAndChianti turns toward him* Oh Doc, help him!
Jasper – S-someone just attacked me… [Fakes a cough and moan, pointing over my shoulder into the alley way.] He-he’s back there. Me and you.. [Coughs.] and me can get him. [Looks at @LiverAndChianti with a look of desperate need.] He took everything I had on me; my i.d, cash, and car keys. But-but, it’s my kids’s birthday and I got them bikes, since it’s-it’s what they wanted, but they’e gone now… Please. Help me-me. [Hopefully if I was lucky, the reference to my “kids” would strike a soft spot on @LiverAndChianti and @AriaBlazing since they were expecting a kid of their own. I kept the pussy image up as I threw myself on the ground and clutched to @LiverAndChianti‘s chest to hold myself up.]
Dr Lecter – *Steps in front of @AriaBlazing out of instinct as @TortureIsMyJoy lurches closer, babbling his story, my eyes narrowing slightly as he threw himself onto me. Distaste flashed once before I glanced @AriaBlazing and sighed softly, nodding and taking hold of of @TortureIsMyJoy‘s coat and pulling him upright* Alright, alright. You lead me to where he was. Aria, you stay right here. I’ll be back soon. *nodding towards @AriaBlazing*
Aria – *My hand flies to my throat as I see @TortureIsMyJoy stumble, the blood running from his lip causing my stomach to lurch as I round the car only to be cut off by @LiverAndChianti, when @TortureIsMyJoy suddenly falls into him. His wrangled voice and mention of a birthday brings me closer still, but heeding @LiverAndChianti‘s defensive maneuvering. But something is…wrong, I feel it in my gut moreso than I’ve ever been warned by @HowisMyHair to listen to it* Doc… @LiverandChianti, whoever it was is probably long gone. Let’s…get him to @DrEMasen, maybe or…*struggling with anything my mind can come up with to keep @LiverAndChianti from going down that alley* call an ambulance…*trying to make @LiverAndChianti turn back to me. I didn’t like the way @TortureIsMyJoy was holding him. I didn’t like this at all, suddenly*
Jasper – No, no. Trust me, he’s sti-still there… Come. [Tugs on @LiverAndChianti‘s sleeve and begins taking steps towards the alley way, a devious smirk playing heavily over my lips as I keep my face hidden from @AriaBlazing and @LiverAndChianti.] You look like a strong man. [Chuckles lowly as I quickly glance back at @LiverAndChianti, turning my smirk into a gentle smile.] He’s just a weak, drunk street bum. I’ll ask him nicely to return my things first, and if things get out of hand, then we kick his ass.
Dr Lecter – Aria, I’ll be fine. Just stay here. *reaching out to gently caress @AriaBlazing‘s cheek before taking a step after @TortureIsMyJoy, red flags starting to go up, my steps cautious as I followed him. @TortureIsMyJoy looked like a strong enough man… then why had weak, drunk bum so easily overpowered him? Playing the law-abiding citizen, I nodded once as we walked* Well.. or we could just call the police? I don’t want any trouble…
Aria – *My fingers clenching at my side while listening to @TortureIsMyJoy, one hand suddenly padding my purse dangling from my shoulder, knowing it wouldn’t find what I so desperately wanted to be there* Doc…*leaning into @LiverAndChianti with a worried look, I did as he asked and stayed put, giving @TortureIsMyJoy a cautionary glance, noticing how he didn’t seem as hurt as he had been, as he and the love of my life walked from me* Be careful, please @LiverAndChianti.
Jasper –  [As me and @LiverAndChianti got closer and closer to the alley, my walking posture straightened with the cleaning of my busted lip. I let go of @LiverAndChianti‘s arm and rested my hand in my pocket where I kept a chloroform covered napkin at the ready. Finally reaching the end of the alley, I stood up straight and stood behind @LiverAndChianti, chuckling dark and low.] You know,…. your wife really does look delicious… [Slowly inching towards @LiverAndChianti, I whisper in his ear and graze my tongue over my lower lip.] Oh how I’m going to enjoy eating her piece by piece… And for dessert, … I’m going to devour that little unborn baby of yours… Let the games begin, Hannibal. [I quickly knee @LiverAndChianti in his spine hard enough to drop him onto his knees. I pull out the chloroformed napkin and press it tightly against @LiverAndChianti‘s mouth with a tight choke on his throat with my bicep.]
Dr Lecter – *Warning bells starting to go off more and more now as @TortureIsMyJoy and I enter the alley and he slinks behind me. In a second, I know that there’s no one in that alley. No one attacked him. This was my mistake, a fatal misstep. I had to get to Aria… Freezing as all of the sudden @TortureIsMyJoy is right behind me, smelling chloroform in the air, his words slowly sinking in, white hot rage ignites in the pit of my stomach if that sonuvabtich thought he was going to lay a /finger/ on @AriaBlazing… I didn’t even have time to say a word before suddenly a sharp pain in my spine drove me to my knees, gasping as the napkin came down over my mouth and the arm encircled my throat. Struggling best I could and holding my breath, the chloroform finally entered my lungs as instinct overrode rationality, and my vision went dark, my struggles slowly fading*
Aria – *Watching @LiverAndChianti and @TortureIsMyJoy until they rounded a bend and I could no longer see them, I rested my bottom on the bumper of @LiverAndChianti‘s car, wrestling with thoughts of what to do, what to do. If it weren’t for @LiverAndChianti‘s plea, or for @BabyChocoChip I’d have gone with. I could fight, I knew self-defense…not that I’d ever used it, even on #Joey amidst the worst of it. Sighing softly, I glanced back toward the alley, hastily retrieving my phone from my purse. If anything, I could call 911 I thought as I began to walk with earnest in the direction that @LiverAndChianti and @TortureIsMyJoy had taken. Or Pops…my mind envisioned @HowisMyHair taking care of this situation as my feet began to move even faster*
Jasper – [I looked over @LiverAndChianti‘s motionless body, laughing to myself as I bit down hard on my lower lip. Overly excited that my plan was finally being set in motion. I turned around to look over at @AriaBlazing, making sure she didn’t see anything that just happened. I could tell by her face that she had deep concern and was beginning to worry. I looked around for something to hit her with since I used my only chloroformed napkin on sir Lecter. Luckily for me, I came across a rusted out water pipe near the dumpster and kept it hidden behind my back as I made my way out of the alley, taking quick steps towards @AriaBlazing.] Ma’m, your spouse told me to come call for you. [Keeping my eyes trained closely on @AriaBlazing as I now stand in front of her.] Something just – [Quickly draws the pipe from my back and swings it rapidly, striking @AriaBlazing across the head hard enough to knock her out cold.] … Whore.
 Dr Lecter – *Black. Black and pain, was all I knew. It was an odd feeling, almost like dreaming, but much less pleasant. I kept thinking over and over again, no, no, not her, please not her… and then pain would drag me back under*
Aria – *Just nearing the bend, I slow as I see @TortureIsMyJoy walking toward me with no @LiverAndChianti in sight. Trying to peer over his shoulder even as he approaches me, not thinking the slightest until I hear his voice, something stopping my feet as he comes close. Wait.. the thought barely registers as I glance up @TortureIsMyJoy with only enough time to see his arm raise and something flash, before a a stabbing pain is swallowed by darkness*
Jasper – [I catch @AriaBlazing‘s body and hold her tightly in my arms after hitting her across the head. I look around closely for any witnesses, seeing no one in sight.] You’re coming with me, beautiful. [I bring @AriaBlazing‘s face to mine and graze my tongue slowly over her face with a bite on her nose before dragging her across the street to my car and dump her in the backseat with her hands taped together. Shortly after, I went back to @LiverAndChianti‘s car and left a note that reads ‘Love has you blinded, doctor. Take some time off and I’ll leave you with a clue shortly. Ta ta.’ on the stirring wheel. I checked to see of @LiverAndChianti was still out along with his lover before fleeing off to my hideout.]
Part Three.
Jasper – [Circles around an unconscious @AriaBlazing, watching her very closely, taking her in for all she is. Licking my lips and holding back a bit of drool. Taking a seat by her side and runs my index finger through her hair along with a gentle kiss to her cheek.] My precious.
Aria – *That moment when the pain that stabs at the side of your head triggers a semi-lucid state, except opening your eyes is nearly impossible that’s where I found myself. The many times that I had been whacked in the head by Joey, the feeling was all too familiar, yet more intense, then anything I’d ever known before. I felt myself reverting back, to a time when self-preservation was a daily occurrence, when playing possum was easier than facing what I would see if I opened my eyes. I didn’t want to open them. I didn’t want to -ever- open them. For opening them would reveal what I’d already seen flash in bits and pieces in my mind’s eye, flash as each heartbeat brought another piercing shot of pain to my head, flash the reality that I simply could not face. Why didn’t I just dial 911? Why didn’t I just run back into @DrEMasen‘s office for help? How could I have been so stupid? Stupid is as stupid does, perhaps. Or…no. The real reason stabbed at my heart as much as the knife continued to stab into my brain. @LiverAndChianti, the love of my life, my soul, had gone down that alley with -him-. With that wretch of humanity, @TortureIsMyJoy, and had not…come back. my insides twisted with the very thought. I wouldn’t, couldn’t allow myself to think…it. If I could only…-think-. I had to lie still, very still, which wasn’t impossible considering my wrists were bound and I was laying on…something. Something harder than an average bed and yet not cement. I wanted to move my hands if only to hold them over that which was more precious to me than anything else. Who needed me more than anything, and to reassure @BabyChocoChip that we would be alright, that…dear God @BabyChocoChip. Was Boo alright? If only I were far enough along to feel something, a flutter or a whisper, anything. Would I know if a shock to my system like a blow to the head hurt her, him? I didn’t feel any pain there, down there, but perhaps it was overcome by the throbbing in my head. Or maybe everything was fine, except…where was I? Where was @LiverAndChianti? Where was the insidious excuse for a human being that had hit me? The memory of his face brought rising bile to the base of my throat. Oh no. Oh no no no. I was not, -could- not, vomit. Not now. A very faint shuffling followed by thumping, sounded like shoes…shoes on a floor above my head. Like in my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s old house when you were in basesment, and I felt my heartbeat quicken. “Breathe, Aria, breathe,” the voice in my head pushed against the throbbing which threatened to drown it out. And so I concentrated, in through the nose, out through the mouth parting my lips only slightly to allow the outflow. Dear God, I was going to puke, and I swallowed as insignificantly as I could manage, every second ticking by one less until I was found. Because I knew nothing would keep @LiverAndChianti from finding me, and I simply would not consider any alternative.*
Dr Lecter – *A heartbeat.. that’s all that I was aware of right now. A steady thump, throb behind my eyes, sounding in my ears, reassuring me that time was passing. Gah… I didn’t know how much time had passed. Hours? Seconds? Every time I tried to recall what happened, to remember /why/ this had happened, a stabbing pain would ricochet around my skull. That heartbeat… was it mine? I was so out of it, I didn’t even know. Memories flared, of another heartbeat, had I heard it just awhile ago? Who’s had it been?
In a sudden, painful rush of clarity, it hit me. @AriaBlazing. @TortureIsMyJoy. Oh. Shit. Forcing my eyes open, the tiny movement like trying to lift a car, I groaned low and gagged with the sudden taste of chloroform in my mouth, hoisting myself up onto my elbows, coughing and hacking before my reasoning kicked in. Deep breaths, clear your head. You’re no use to her if you’re on the ground choking. Inhaling deeply, my mind slowly clearing, the brief moment of rationality that I had experienced was gone in a flash. Where was Aria?!
Lurching to my feet, my head spinning at the sudden movement, I leaned against the wall and tried to calm my racing heart. Maybe she had went into the clinic. Maybe she was fine and he had just left. Bull-fucking-shit. I was feeding myself lies and I knew it. Stumbling out of the alley way, my vision hazy and my head pounding, I coughed a few more times before scanning the parking lot, desperately so. Please, please let her be standing there, God let her yell at me for wandering off… nothing. The only thing in the lot was my car. Standing there stupidly for a moment, frozen in place, the very last thing I wanted to do was check the car.
Thousands upon thousands of mental images flitted through my head, bodies, grotesquely deformed and mangled, stuffed into trunks… Hannibal, for Christ’s sake. Get a hold on yourself. Forcing myself to walk forward, every step an effort, I felt sick to my stomach the nearer I got to the car. Why had I left her alone. Why hadn’t I listened to myself. My hands shaking as I finally reached the Jag, resting for a moment on the handle, praying to whatever God was listening that @AriaBlazing would be in there, completely okay, looking at me like I’d just gone insane. Wrenching the door open, I looked around frantically inside the car, my heart sinking as I saw nothing. My God, he’d taken her. Like it was the easiest thing in the world.
My blood humming in my ears and my heart racing a mile a minute, I practically collapsed into the drivers side chair. I almost missed the small sound of crinkling paper, until my hand brushed a piece under my thigh. What the… pulling the small piece of paper out from under my leg and smoothing it, I froze as the words scrawled on it sank in.* “Love has you blinded, doctor. Take some time off and I’ll leave you with a clue shortly. Ta ta.” *I read the note once, twice, three times before my hand slowly crumpled the note into a compact ball.
I was afraid for my @AriaBlazing, yes. But the more prevailing emotion, or rather lack of them, overtook that fear. So @TortureIsMyJoy had found my weak point. He wanted a game. He’d get a game. Because this boy didn’t know the rules like I did. He didn’t know what vipers nest he’d just stepped into. pocket, I closed the car door and started the engine, sitting back for a moment. I was going to get @AriaBlazing back. And I was going gut the bastard who’d /dared/ lay a hand on her. You wanted a game, @TortureIsMyJoy? You were going to get a game.*
Part Four. ((@HowIsMyHair and @LiverAndChianti Scene))
Pops – ~Grunts~ Where is my daughter?
Dr Lecter – She’s… *swallows hard and runs a hand through my hair* I don’t know.
Pops – ~Stares at you~ You don’t know. What the fuck does that mean? You don’t know where the woman who is carrying your child is?
Dr Lecter – *stares right back, unsure if I should tell you* Well, sir, I’m not really sure how much in detail to this I should go.
Pops – ~Leans forward looking @LiverAndChianti directly in the eye~ All the fucking details.
Dr Lecter – *shakes my head and says softly* Aria was taken. I don’t know who by. He incapacitated me and took her. *clenches my fists*
Pops – ~Sits back in my chair continuing to stare @LiverAndChianti then hammering my fists on the table~ When?
Dr Lecter – A few days ago. He left a note and said he’d send clues. I don’t want to aggravate him into hurting her. *speaks through clenched teeth*
Pops – ~Continues to stare @LiverAndChianti ~ Clues?
Dr Lecter – *sighs in slight exasperation* Yes, clues. As to where he has her. The whole point of this.. *growls softly* Is to play a game. To get my attention.
Pops – Dis is about you, @LiverAndChianti? ~I stand up and walk around to where What’s His Name is~ You call the cops yet? ~Keeping my thoughts thoughts to myself as I always do, I wait for his reply~
Dr Lecter – Yes. He’s using her to get to me. *nod firmly and runs a hand through my hair* No, I haven’t. If I called them he’d kill her in a heartbeat. The police can’t get involved.
Pops – Good. ~Nodding @LiverAndChianti then walking towards the window. Remaining as calm as I can. ~ Patient or enemy?
Dr Lecter – *leans against the edge of my desk, shaking my head* I’d never seen him before, but he knew me. He knew Aria and I were married, that she was pregnant… *takes a shaky breath in*
Pops – ~I close my eyes when @LiverAndChianti talks about my princess and the baby. I steel myself and turn back around to face him~ Clues. Has this mother fucker sent any yet, @LiverAndChianti?
Dr Lecter – No. Not yet. *straightens up and faces @HowisMyHair* If he did I would have seen. He wouldn’t risk me missing them.
Pops – How long ago did he take her? ~ Stands watching @LiverAndChianti. Scenarios of torture running through my head. Knowing that if my daughter is damaged in any way, this piece of shit will again feel anything except pain.~
Dr Lecter – This past weekend. Sunday. *swallows hard, the swell of fear rising in my stomach again before I drown it out with anger*
Pops – ~A look of disgust comes across my face @LiverAndChianti ~ And you didn’t come to me?
Dr Lecter – No, I didn’t. *growls out low* I wanted to keep you out of this entirely, actually. The more people involved the more dangerous it will be for her.
Pops – ~Keeping my voice low @LiverAndChianti I step forward~ Bullshit. My baby girl has been with this psycho for almost a week. You haven’t gotten any clues. She could already be dead.
Dr Lecter – She /isn’t/ dead. He wouldn’t take her and kill her right off the bat. You don’t get it. *growls and steps up to @HowisMyHair* This is a game to him. To torture me. He’s going to draw this out as long as he possibly can.
Pops – ~I move closer @LiverAndChianti my voice almost a growl~ Then why no clues? If this is about you.
Dr Lecter – I. Don’t. Know. He’s trying to mess with my head. *hisses back* One will come soon.
Pops – ~I continue to stare @LiverAndChianti wanting to knock him on his ass with one punch. But I know I need What’s His Name for my princess and grandbaby.~ Take me to where she was the last time you saw her.
Dr Lecter – *forces myself to take a deep, calming inhale, glaring at @HowisMyHair* Fine. Now?
Pops – ~Cocks my head slightly as my stare becomes a glare @LiverAndChianti~No. Next fuckin Tuesday. She’s been gone a fuckin week. Yeah right now.
Dr Lecter – *shakes my head and steps back, grabbing my jacket and pulling it on as I walk towards the door* Then hurry up. I don’t like waiting.
Pops – ~Walks slowly towards @LiverAndChianti shaking my head~ Coulda fooled me.
Dr Lecter – *growls low and walks out to my car, opening the drivers side door and climbing in, starting the engine and eating impatiently for you to get in*
Pops – ~Sighs audibly as I open @LiverAndChianti‘s passenger side door, negotiating my way in then looking over at him when I close the door~ You know what, What’s his name? I’m the fuckin help here. Nobody is going to help a husband as much as the wife’s fatha. So stop acting like a little fuck schoolgirl pussy fuck. Dis mother fucker is goin down. ~Groans @LiverAndChianti~ Could you get a a smalla car, Mr. Fancy Pants?
Dr Lecter – *waits until @HowisMyHair is seated in the car before pulling out of the garage, my hands tight around the steering wheel* First off. My name is /Hannibal/. Secondly. Please, pray tell… how are you helping? And thirdly. This is a big car. You’re just a big man. *mutters*
Pops – ~Smiles @LiverAndChianti~ Pray tell? Are you fuckin serious? ~Maneuvers my arms to pull out a cigar and my Zippo~ You’re too close to da sick fuck that took ~emphasizing my words slowly @LiverAndChianti ~ my daughta. Your wife.~ Dis guy knows you. Dis guy is close. ~Opens the window of @LiverAndChianti‘s car and lights my cigar~ Clear eyes. And more muscle. That’s how I offer answers to your payers, Hannibal.
Dr Lecter – *keeps my jaw tight as @HowisMyHair speaks, making a face as he pulls out a cigar and lighter* Fair enough. We were at the clinic when he took her. We had just… *takes a breath* Heard the babies heartbeat for the first time. Found out how far along Aria was and all. After we were done, he approached us in the parking lot and said someone had attacked him. He was all beat up. I was an idiot and I followed him into the alley. He got me with chloroform. When I woke up… Aria and him were gone.
Pops – ~I grind my teeth and clench my fist that rests in my lap when @LiverAndChianti describes what happened beforehand. Trying to push the idea of my daughter and her baby’s heartbeat out of my mind and focus on everything that @LiverAndChianti is saying. All the things @LiverAndChianti might be overlooking or forgetting.~ Yeah dis guy knows you. ~Looks over at Hannibal~ What were you doing before you met Aria, @LiverAndChianti? ~Taking a long drag off my cigar and blowing out the smoke through the cracked window~
Dr Lecter – I know he knows me. That’s the part I’m wracking my brain on, trying to find out from /where/. *grips the steering wheel tight as I accelerate down the road* I was a forensic psychiatrist. But he was a never a patient of mine. I know that.
Pops – ~Listens to @LiverAndChianti closely. Looking from him to the road as he drives to the clinic~ Employee maybe?
Dr Lecter – *shakes my head* I never had any employees. I ran a private practise.
Pops – You wrote some books didn’t you, @LiverAndChianti? ~Takes another drag off my cigar~
Dr Lecter – I published numerous articles in some journals… but no books. *nods as I finally reach the clinic, pulling into the lot*
Pops – ~Raises an eyebrow at the clinic looking around then back to @LiverAndChianti about to show my cards and knowledge~ And your adventures at night? The taste for blood that get’s in ya and never let’s up. What about that, @LiverAndChianti?
Dr Lecter – *freezes, midway out of getting out of the car* I’m retired. *says simply before getting out and straightening up, looking around the lot*
Pops – ~Nods @LiverAndChianti piercing out my lips, moving around uncomfortably to get out of the car, throwing my cigar on the ground, looking around.~ Ever leave any witnesses, @LiverAndChianti? ~Taking a few steps towards the alleyway~ Like a little kid that’s all fucked in the head when he witnesses something really scary? Maybe this little fucker is a fan of that, @LiverAndChianti. ~looks back~
Dr Lecter – *shakes my head as @HowisMyHair and I walk toward the alley* No. I need left any witnesses. I made sure their were none there in the first place. *nods and takes a shuddery breath, stepping into the alley* My guess is he read about me after my prison time. Started stalking me. And then found out about Aria.
Pops – ~Chuckles without any humor @LiverAndChianti ~ A jailhouse fan. Dis fucker. ~Shakes my head~ Anything about what happened to Aria look anything like anything you did to get locked up, @LiverAndChianti?
Dr Lecter – No. No correlation. *scans the alley for the umpteenth time, any flash of hope being snuffed out quickly* I think… he was obsessing over me because of my past crimes.
Pops – ~Clears my throat and grins over @LiverAndChianti ~ The way you cleaned up the evidence?
Dr Lecter – I guess you could word it like that… *coughs once* Yes. That.
Pops – ~Takes in a deep breath as I look around then back to @LiverAndChianti~ Got any friends at the FBI that can do a library search?
Dr Lecter – *laughs aloud @HowisMyHair* Friends? From the FBI? Oh, that’s a new one. *shakes my head* Three quarters of the FBI would cheer if I fell over dead.
Pops – Dat I do believe, @LiverAndChianti. ~I nod solemnly~ But there is always a cop on the take. Always.
Dr Lecter – I don’t want the FBI involved. *shakes my head* I’m risking enough getting /you/ involved. If I call them, not only will I get arrested, but he would… kill her, in a second.
Pops – ~ Looks over @LiverAndChianti ~ He’s given you something. Some kind of clue that you’re overlooking. You understand him too well. ~Feeling myself getting irritated @LiverAndChianti but trying not to let it show~ Dis ends now. She’s been there too long. If he likes to eat people, then the little pig can have you, @LiverAndChianti.
Dr Lecter – *growls and spins on @HowisMyHair, jaw tight* He gave me a note that said he would send a clue soon. Do you think this /isn’t/ driving me insane? That prick had my wife, for chrissakes. The mother of my baby. I’m fucking climbing the walls here. But the last thing I’m going to do is do something stupid and push him to hurt her.
Pops – ~Walking towards @LiverAndChianti aggressively, pushing my finger into his chest~ So you did have fucking clue. ~I breathe through clenched into @LiverAndChianti‘s face. Growling out my next words~ He’s already hurt my princess. Dis kinda shit fucks ~ hits myself in the side~ a person’s head. She won’t never get over dis. ~I push on @LiverAndChianti‘s shoulder and back away~ She’s already been hurt.
Dr Lecter – *narrows my eyes @HowisMyHair and shoves his hand off* I can’t do anything with a note that tells me nothing. All I know is he knows she’s special to me, and he thinks that makes me weak. That’s it. *growls low as @HowisMyHair shoves me* I know how bad this messes up someone’s head. I’m a doctor of the mind. *glares @HowisMyHair* Don’t fucking tell me what I know and what I don’t.
Pops – I’ll tell you what I fucking know, @LiverAndChianti. ~I turn away from Hannibal and look back at the alleyway~ I will be going medieval on him when we find him. ~Nods turning towards @LiverAndChianti~ Torture is a game I like to play too.
Dr Lecter – Maybe I’ll let you give me a hand, then. Because /I/ will be the one who’s going to make this prick wish he’d never been placed on this earth. *says icily*
Part Five. ((@TortureIsMyJoy and @AriaBlazing))
Jasper – [Paces around a sleeping @AriaBlazing with a bucket of water in hand, a plate of fruits in the other. I had been watching her sleep for just about an hour now. Oh, how beautiful she looked. I wanted to eat her whole right then and there, but patience is key. I raised the the bucket of water over @AriaBlazing‘s head and dumped it entirely over her head. Then shouting “Wake up, baby! It’s time to eat!”]
Aria – *I knew @TortureIsMyJoy was there. I’d heard his shoes as they first scraped down what sounded like steps. Lying as still as one could possibly keep, with steady, even breaths just as I had so many nights after Joey had…He’d left me alone up until now, as much as I knew, but before I could prepare myself, before I could fortify my mind against what I knew was coming, an icy blast of cold water sent me sputtering for air, my eyes opening instantaneously as I jolted upward, finding @TortureIsMyJoy standing over me, the urge to flinch away overwhelming as my scream escaped* WHAT THE?…*stopping when my eyes met @TortureIsMyJoy‘s and I instantly became quiet again*
Jasper –  [Kneels down to @AriaMisBehavin‘s level and motions a strawberry around her mouth, keeping a sinister grin over my lips.] It’s time to eat, my love. [Slowly quirks an eyebrow as I tilt my head to a side.] Do you like strawberries? I like strawberries. You know, you remind of strawberries. [Keeps my eyes trained on @AriaBlazing as I run a finger through locks of her soft hair, with a low “Mmmm” emitting from my throat.]
Aria – *Shrinking back only slightly as @TortureIsMyJoy kneels in front me, I can’t help but wince at the awkward position I’m laying in, hands bound behind my back, teetering on my lower shoulder, @TortureIsMyJoy‘s face still bruised high on a cheekbone, a small cut on his lip. Glancing at the strawberry for a moment as @TortureIsMyJoy waves it, I realize I have two choices, eat or defy, when the memory of @BabyChocoChip‘s heartbeat thuds in the back of my mind. Pulling my face to the side as @TortureIsMyJoy‘s fingers touch and thread through my hair, I can’t help the shiver that runs through me. I’m cold. I’m hungry. And so I slowly open my mouth, being sure not to look @TortureIsMyJoy, a dull throbbing in my head beginning to kick up with the sudden movement*
Jasper – Oh no no no, honey. These are for me. [Smirks and brings the tip of the strawberry in my mouth, giving it a soft bite as I stare deep into @AriaBlazing‘s eyes. Savoring the sweetness and sucking up the juices of the strawberry, wiping my mouth clean after.] Now this is for you. [Places the plate of fruits a few feet away from @AriaBlazing before getting up to grab another plate that rested on top of my working table. Next to it lied a video camera, ready to record. I brought the two items back over to @AriaBlazing, now recording the revealing of @AriaBlazing‘s dinner for tonight.] Now, you can choose from [Lifts up a cover from the plate.] the tongue of a prostitute – those are lovely, very juicy, too; and I baked it for you. Or you can eat fried liver. Also from the same prostitute. Yummmmmmy, right? [Nods slowly, keeping the camera trained on @AriaBlazing‘s face and the food.]
Aria – *So unprepared for @TortureIsMyJoy‘s taking back of the strawberry, my stunned eyes focusing on his only to see as the bastard eats it trailing my gaze to a point on the floor until he mentions other food, my stomach lurching as my head begins to pound. Wanting to lie back I watch his turned back as he walks away to a table, taking the opportunity to glance around the room. No windows, only stairs leading up my attention is drawn back to @TortureIsMyJoy, his unveiling of my dinner precipitated by a smell I can’t identify, when he lifts the lid and I hear just as I see what the…the…It only takes a moment, the throbbing in my head, the pain in my belly, until the bile comes flying and I an’t stop it, vomiting all over the front of @TortureIsMyJoy‘s plate, and the front of him*
Jasper – [I was hoping @AriaBlazing would choose the tongue, but from the looks of it, she had something else in mind. Her vomit covered my lower half entirely, I looked down at myself momentarily before chuckling.] How cute… [Grabs hold of my belt buckle and unbuckles it along with the removal of my pants entirely. Now standing in front of @AriaBlazing in just my underwear. I keep my pants in hand and turn the camera to face me.] I guess dessert is coming early. [Sets the camera on a table nearby to film us both as I bring my vomit covered pants to @AriaBlazing mouth, using my other hand to press the back of her head into them, forcing her to either hold her breathe to the point of suffocation or eat her own vomit. I turn my head to look directly into the camera and shout.] Look, doc! Your wife is having the time of her life! I wish you could join us!
Aria – *Leaning over the edge of the bed, I let the last remaining food in my system empty over the side, only half registering the sound of @TortureIsMyJoy‘s voice, his laugh, as I gasp for air, when suddenly I spy his pants at his ankles, my gaze flashing upwards and finding a video camera trained on me before it’s turned away and facing @TortureIsMyJoy. The room is spinning, the world is spinning, when I barely have the chance to understand what @TortureIsMyJoy‘s next move is as he places the camera once again on me* Oh God…*I hear myself moan through spittle-covered lips as @TortureIsMyJoy‘s hand grabs the back of my head, his vomit-covered pants flying at my face time enough for one gasp of air before closing my eyes, my mouth, holding my breath but the filth covers my face, the slime, the smell too much as I fight and twist my face to no avail, too weak to fight, too sickened to care as the spinning whirls out of control and I give way to it, passing out cold*
Jasper – [The sudden dropping of @AriaBlazing‘s head catches me by surprise and a slight gasp escapes my lips followed by a laugh.] You have a tough one here, doc. You must be so proud of her. [Pushes @AriaBlazing back into her chair and wipes her face clean with a napkin before kneeling down to her level again.] WHY do you have to be so beautiful? [I whispered in her ear as I grazed my tongue around her ear, then dabbing it inside of it with nibbles at the end. I get back up and brush her face with the palm of my hand before going back to the camera to to leave a message for @LiverAndChianti before I stop recording.] We’re closer than you think. [Blows a kiss into the camera before shutting it off to prep it up as a tape to send to @LiverAndChianti.]
[Shortly after I made the tape and played it over and over again just for my own enjoyment, I carefully made my way back into the city. Leaving an unconscious @AriaBlazing all by herself in my hideout as I dropped off the tape right on @LiverAndChianti‘s car hood late in in the night, making sure to be undetectable. After I returned home, I wanted to have a little more fun with @AriaBlazing by having her hung in mid air dead center in my hideout with only one light casting over her body. The torture hadn’t even begun yet, @AriaBlazing needed to wake up soon.]
Part Six. ((@LiverAndChianti Solo))
*I didn’t even know why I tried to sleep. It was pointless. All I did was spend hours tossing and turning, my stomach churning with nerves. Every time I closed my eyes, @TortureIsMyJoy‘s note danced in front of my eyes, the taunting words burning into my brain. Why her? Why not just take me and get it over with? Rubbing my face with my hands, I groaned once and sat up in @AriaBlazing and I’s bed. Fuck. Why had I left her alone? I /knew/ I should have listened to myself and just left the bruised and bleeding @TortureIsMyJoy alone in that alley. And now she was gone.
For Christ’s sake, the FBI had been trying to catch me for how many years and hadn’t come close, how had one /boy/ done it? Then again, the FBI didn’t kidnap pregnant woman and very possibly torture them. That thought made my stomach roll as I stood up and swallowed hard, walking out of the room. Just being in this house was tearing me apart. The tiny voice called Hope spoke up in the back of my mind, saying that any minute, @AriaBlazing would walk up behind me, slip her arms around my waist, and whisper my name to me.
Shaking my head, I banished those thoughts from my head. I couldn’t let myself feel, not right now. I had to shut down. Emotions and feelings about Aria would only push me to make hasty decisions that could get her killed, and I could not, /would/ not, take that risk. No, I needed to focus on finding out where @TortureIsMyJoy had my Aria, track him down, and gut that sonuvabtich. After I’d fully employed /all/ of my surgical skills on him. Growling softy as I padded through the kitchen, I allowed myself to slip back into my old mindset for a moment, the side of me I had quieted for @AriaBlazing‘s sake, and a wicked smile crossed my face. I was going to find @TortureIsMyJoy, and show him how a master played the game.
Resting my palms against the window, I looked outside, watching the suns rays creep across the yard, across the grass, onto my car. It crept past the package on the hood, past the car… hold up. My head whipping back to the good of the car, my breath stopped in my throat at the sight of the small package. I knew what it was already, the first clue. The fucker had been in my /yard/. Freezing for a split second, I turned and bolted to the door, wrenching it open and running outside, barefoot and in my pajamas. The gravel cutting into my bare feet didn’t slow me, neither did the thought that he could be watching me, right now. Grabbing the rectangular package off the hood and spinning on my heel, I raced back to the house, Achilles barking and bouncing on his back legs at my run, me running into the kitchen and tearing the package open, nearly frantic to see.
My hands stopped in midair as the small tape fell onto the table, my heart dropping. Dear God. The very last thing I wanted to do was watch that tape. I /knew/ what it contained. I knew it. It was the same thing I would send if I was in his place. Hearing Achilles whine, I absentmindedly shushed him, taking the tape in my hands and eyeing it as though it had a disease. He had touched this tape, handled it, probably laughed when he delivered it. Made me /sick/. But I had to watch it. The clue was in the tape. Walking slowly to the living room, it took me some time to assemble the VCR player, dusting it off and plugging it in, stopping before I popped the tape in. I didn’t want to watch this. God, I didn’t want to see what he was doing to my love. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, I slid the VHS into the player, and hit play. Stepping back and sitting on the edge of the couch, watching as the screen fuzzed with static for a moment before snapping into focus. Jesus Christ.
@AriaBlazing laid with her hands tied behind her back, blood drying in her hair, her brilliant blue eyes wide with terror. And then the worst started. I had to close my eyes when he stripped his pants off, cursing under my breath as @TortureIsMyJoy shoved his vomit covered pants in @AriaBlazing‘s face. Fucking son of a bitch. I was going to tear his legs into little pieces and make him eat them. Raw. Until suddenly he spoke, and I stopped breathing in order to listen better. “We’re not far?” What the hell was that supposed to mean? Turning the TV off, my stomach rolling with anger, nerves, and above all, fear for @AriaBlazing,
I ran a hand through my hair and laid my head in my hands. I was /helpless/. He had her, he was /hurting/ her, and I didn’t have a goddamn clue where he was. I couldn’t save her, not yet. I needed to find @TortureIsMyJoy, or at least goad him into more clues. And fast. The longer he had @AriaBlazing, the bigger the chance that he would get bored, and just kill her. And even with this torture, holding her from me like this… living without @AriaBlazing was a fact I couldn’t comprehend. Couldn’t even begin to. If he killed her… he would kill me.*
Part Seven. ((@AriaBlazing and @TortureIsMyJoy))
Jasper – Wake up, my precious… Wake up. [I leaned over a bit as I stood over a crate for leverage and whispered into @AriaBlazing‘s ear, followed by a stroke of my tongue around her earlobe.] Its time to wake up, the camera is rolling. [I turn my head slowly to my left to look over at the video camera I used before to make the first tape for @LiverAndChianti to enjoy. I grew pretty confident about this episode, I had @AriaBlazing dangling from the ceiling with her wrists cuffed and arms fully extended at her sides.] Tonight, the show finally sets in motion, doctor. And guess who’s the main attraction? [With a press of a button on a tiny remote, a bright light casts over @AriaBlazing‘s body, revealing her entirely.] Isn’t she beautiful? [Steps down off the crate and walks over to my working table. Saws, chainsaws, knives, hooks, deadly poisons, bugs, and “expiring” body parts covered the table entirely, along with a burning pot of coal at the end.] So many options, so much time. I can’t seem to choose which one to use. Maybe we should ask, pumpkin. [Looks over at @AriaBlazing.] Honey, what should we start the show off with, hm? Whatever you choose, I’ll use it. Promise. [Winks with a sinister grin playing over my lips.]
Aria –  *It wasn’t the sound of his nasally voice, nor even @TortureIsMyJoy that woke me from oblivion, but the wrenching of my arms, the shot of pain that now was constant in my armpits, my shoulders, and I couldn’t hide the whimper that escaped as I now tried to open my eyes, to see, to know. It was nearly impossible, weak from no food, my own excrement at my feet as I finally opened them, trying to focus, the pain in my arms like nothing I’d ever known before. @TortureIsMyJoy‘s tone beyond sinister, his meaning getting clearer with every word he uttered, until I bright light came from nowhere, my eyes squinting with it’s glare, the smells assaulting me as I tried to see again* Pleease…*I weakly mumbled with the strength I had left, ignoring whatever @TortureIsMyJoy was saying. No, not ignoring, incapable of understanding, of processing. “Doc!” my mind screamned above all else, not answering @TortureIsMyJoy*
Jasper – Honey, what- what’s wrong? [Tilts my head to a side and leaps over to @AriaBlazing.] Loss of words? [Quickly grabs her by her cheeks and holds gets a tight grasp on her head.] Answer my fucking question when I ask you one, you filthy piece of shit. [My voice filled with anger and extreme aggression.] Since you can’t make up your damn mind, I guess we’ll start off with a nice hot knife across your back. Followed by a, uh, … force feeding of spiders! Ooouu, looks like someone is in for quite the night, huh? [My facial expression quickly changing with my mood.] Doc, you’re in for quite the show, I tell you. I’d advise you to maybe get a nice bucket of popcorn. Extra butter, too. [Walks back over to my working table and puts a thick fireproof glove over my hands, grabs a medium sized knife, and dips it slowly in the coal to warm up.] It’s a little chilly. [My eyes trained tightly on @AriaBlazing.] Let’s warm up.
Aria –  *The hiss that escapes as @TortureIsMyJoy is unintentional, his grip fierce, his eyes even more so. The pain hardly compares to that which is in my shoulders as I try to comprehend, a thunder humming in my ears. But @TortureIsMyJoy‘s sneering of the words “knife” and “back” break through the tenous hold I have, and the memories come flooding back, the memory of him, of what I’ve already endured, and I find myself hearing @HowisMyHair‘s voice, his what to do ifs, and consider all that is before me, this -thing-, this @TortureIsMyJoy* Y-you don’t need…to do th-that. I’m h-here. *first rule, become a person, not a thing, resonating in my ear* @TortureIsMyJoy, let’s…talk.
Jasper – Let’s… talk? About what, hm? [I leave the knife to heat in the coil bin as I walk over to @AriaBlazing, taking a few laps around her before stopping in front of her.] Do you want to reason? Want to know why I’m doing this? I have no problem giving you answers, dear. [Turns momentarily to face the camera, winking at it followed by a blown kiss.] What’s on your mind?
Aria – Only the shadow of @TortureIsMyJoy crosses in front of me, my head dangling with the rest of my body, every last ounce of will centering on replying, on answering a madman, a momentary thought for @BabyChocoChip as I cringe with it, my baby, my poor baby…* Yesss… *I breathe out, continual breaths fluttering the W on my lips* Wwwwhyyy?…. @TortureIsMyJoy. *managing to realize he has stepped away from the table, the light blinding me before @TortureIsMyJoy stands to block it*
Jasper – So she wants to know why… [Taps my lips, turning my head to look at the camera again.] You’re going to want to turn up the volume for this part, doctor… [Keeping in mind that the knife is still burning, I begin to take slow steps back over to my table; keeping my voice high so the camera and @AriaBlazing can hear me clearly.] You see, I’m your husband’s own creation. A product of his own madness. Everything he was, and still should be, inspired me to be the man I am today. Doctor, you’re one of the most notorious serial killers of all time… You’re my hero. [Reaching the knife again, I put on my gloves, and grab hold of it.] You and me are connected, and the only thing keeping us apart is this little specimen right here. [Points towards @AriaBlazing with the tip of the knife; aside from the handle, the metal portion was glowing with a bright shade of orange heat.] When I eat her and your child, I really do hope you don’t hate me for long, doctor; but you need this. You’re a lion trapped in a cage and you need to be set free… I’m doing you a favor. [I now stood behind @AriaBlazing. With a tight grasp over her shirt, I quickly tear it off of her back and dab it quickly with the end of the knife.] Woah, woah, woah. Looks like someone’s been here before. [On @AriaBlazing‘s back was a giant ‘X’ mark that stretched over her back entirely.] What a nice scar you have. [Leans over and licks over it, hissing like a snake as I cover each inch with my saliva.] Are you ready?
Aria –  *Keep him talking, keep him talking…my mind barely functioning as I try to listen to @TortureIsMyJoy twisted diatribe, capable of only one small glance up before my chin drops again, my own voice screaming “OhGod” as @TortureIsMyJoy details his obsession with @LiverAndChianti* Ddocc…*his name, -my- name for him whispering from my lips as @TortureIsMyJoy shadow leaves, the bright light once before me, until I make out a hazy orange glow, @TortureIsMyJoy‘s steps toward me, talk of me, my baby, eating…* N-nooo…*sputtering through the tears and spittle on my lips, before my body is wrenched and I cry out from the pain shooting through my shoulders and arms, my blouse disappearing as the I feel the heat from something so close to me, so close to my back…and the memory flashes like a switch before my eyes. A bed, my arms and legs stretched wide…* noo…*it’s a simple cry, all I can muster, as full realization hits me as to what @TortureIsMyJoy plans to do*
Jasper – You’re lucky I’m doing it from the back. We wouldn’t want little Jasper Jr. getting hurt now, would we? [Snakes my hand around @AriaBlazing‘s waist to pat her stomach.] So… delicate. [I press the knife against her back; the burning of her flesh quickly making a sizzling sound, followed by a little bit of smoke as I begin to draw a giant ‘J’ over the ‘X’ that covered @AriaBlazing‘s back.] Every great murderer leaves his mark. Right, doctor?! [I look over @AriaBlazing‘s shoulder and into the camera momentarily as I laugh out loud.]
Aria – *I want to jerk away, I want to kick, but all I can do is hang as my body stops swaying and @TortureIsMyJoy hand is suddenly at my bump, my @BabyChocoChip, the smooth texture of @TortureIsMyJoy gloves over my skin in direct contrast to his voice behind me, until the searing heat burns, burns like fire on my skin and I scream with every last ounce of strength in me, the faces of @TortureIsMyJoy and #Joey mingling in my minds eye, before they’re gone, everything’s gone, and I welcome the blackness with open arms*
Jasper – [The screams of @AriaBlazing brought a pleasing sensation her pleas rang throughout the warehouse where I was keeping her.] Do you hear that, doctor? Its the sound of pain and pleasure. A sound us serial killers -always- find enjoyment in. [After I completed the J’ mark, I removed the knife and tossed it aside.] Now I did say she was going to be fed a nice spider, but I’m feeling a little generous tonight. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I am. [Gets from behind @AriaBlazing and disappears into the darkness that surrounded us momentarily to later come back with a plate of mashed potatoes, steak, and vegetables.] Cooked just by yours truly, with the products of the one and only Mr. Lorenzetti. How’s that for you, @AriaBlazing? A little gift from me to you. [I put the plate of food aside and uncuffed @AriaBlazing from her shackles, catching her in my arms, and dumping her in the chair where I had her before; typing a chain tightly around her torso and arms.] Don’t worry, I’ll be feeding you, my precious. Just give a sec. [Gives @AriaBlazing a few soft slaps on the cheek before going directly in front of the camera; my face now the only thing visible.] You’re being reborn, doctor.
Part Eight – @LiverAndChianti Solo
“Aria! Kids! Where are you guys?” Laughing as I wandered through the big, sea-smelling house, a grin on my face, I peeked around a doorframe and into the sunny sitting room, my brow furrowing when I saw it was empty. Drat. Hearing the faint sound of the ocean and children laughing, I grinned and made my way out of the sitting room and down the path through the yard to the beach. Raising my hand to shield my eyes from the sun, I spotted @AriaBlazing and our two little ones, a boy and a girl, playing in the sand. The children busily constructing a sandcastle, with Aria watching, seated on some driftwood. A felt a surge of pride, happiness, content at the sight.
Until something turned horribly wrong. My family turned to look at me, smiles cut wide into their faces, eyes glazed with the blindness of death. My eyes widening with horror, stepping backwards, away, until hot breath was on my neck and the cold blade of the knife across my throat, gasping with the pain as it slices through my skin, blooding pouring down… Until I open my eyes once more, in a basement. I know this place. This is the place @TortureIsMyJoy… His voice is every, hissing softly, screaming as though possessed, over and over the same words. “You created me.” Clamping my hands over my ears, shutting my eyes tight, trying to drown out the voice, the knowledge that he’s /right/, I made him, I did this…* “NO!”
Bolting uprights in bed, my chest heaving, covered with a cold sweat, I blinked hard to banish the nightmare. Shaking my head and scrubbing my palms over my face, I turned automatically to @AriaBlazing‘s side of the bed, the sheets rumpled from my tossing and turning, the room eerily illuminated from the light of the clock. Of course she wasn’t there. I didn’t know why I still clung to the childish hope she’d just show up one day, completely fine. Blinking once more and knowing sleep wasn’t going to happen for the rest of the night, I turned to see the time. 5am. Slipping out of bed, I padded through the bedroom with the cold feeling in my stomach I had grown nearly used to. I knew he’d been here. I knew what he’d left. I just had to find it.
And the worst was, I knew it would be so much worse than the last tape. Lord, I didn’t want to watch that anymore. I had experienced nightmares so bad I’d nearly had chronic insomnia. Taking a deep breath through my nose, I squared my shoulders and strode into the kitchen, ready to wait for dawn so I could search the yard for the tape, freezing at the little package on the table. In my house. While I slept, dreaming of past sins and current demons. The ice-cold wave of disgust hit me so hard I had to grab the counter for support. Jesus Christ. With a shaking hand, I grabbed the tape and walked nearly robotically to the TV and the VHS player.
Popping the tape in, I sat down silently on the couch and had to close my eyes as the image blurred and then focused on first @TortureIsMyJoy‘s face, sending a wave of revulsion rolling through me, and then… on her. Suspended from the ceiling, whimpering in pain, my heart wrenching in anguish. The tape played on, and I had to bite my own knuckle to keep the small noise of sorrow trapped in my lungs. I had to pause and leave the room when he touched her with the knife. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t watch her marked like that. When I returned, I nearly tripped on the carpet as @TortureIsMyJoy spoke the very words that had taunted me in my nightmare. No. I /didn’t/ create him. He was made a monster, through something, /anything/, but not because of me. @AriaBlazing wasn’t being hurt like that because of me. Because of what I did, what I /liked/.
The tape ending, my head lolling back onto the couch, blood ringing in my ears. My eyes sliding shut, exhaustion and emotional slaughter overwhelming me, I felt myself being pulled towards the dark. Over and over again, the tape replayed in my head, @AriaBlazing so smart, trying to keep him talking, him hurting her, over and over, and then those words that burned me just as the knife burned my Aria. “You created me, Doctor…” Did they burn because of my revulsion to the thought? The last strands of consciousness fading away, the more disturbing thought last on my mind… did they burn because they were true?
Once more the tape played, and my mind scanned it for little details, things I’d missed. My eyes snapped open, any thought of sleep banished. The food. The potatoes and steak… products of Mr. Lorenzetti? What? Mr. Lorenzetti was @HowisMyHair. How the hell did that make any sense? Why would Pops store food someplace? Sitting bolt upright and practically sprinting to the phone, I tapped out @HowisMyHair‘s number and lifted the device to my ear, waiting impatiently. I had to link the clue I had received, because Aria’s time was ticking.*
Part Nine. – @MamaZettiMia Solo.
*The vodka bottle dangling from my slender, perfectly manicured fingers, I strolled through the house in my silk robe, sleep-deprived and despondent. I wasn’t speaking to @HowisMyHair. Just the thought that he had intended to keep @AriaBlazing‘s abduction from me made my skin crawl. Chugging from the bottle as I ascended the stairs, tears started to stream down my cheeks once again at the thought of my baby, terrified and alone, in the clutches of a monster.
My patience with everything had worn thin, and to say I wasn’t dealing with it well was putting it mildly. I crawled in to the bed, cradling the bottle of Grey Goose in my arms, swaddling myself in the Egyptian cotton sheets and blankly staring at the television with vacant eyes. I was normally the picture of propriety, the perfect wife and mother, but the past few days I’d descended into a downward spiral of depression for which there was only one cure. We had to get @AriaBlazing back, for if we didn’t I was almost sure I would die of a broken heart.
When I took on the role of a mob wife, I knew there would be danger, but I turned a blind eye to it, unsure whether it was denial or my confidence in my husband’s abilities that kept me from believing something so horrendous could ever possibly happy to our family. Yet here we were. For the first time in decades, I was completely and utterly disappointed in @HowisMyHair, drinking myself into a stupor rather than contemplate what was happening to my dear @AriaBlazing.
Sinking into the pillows, I polished off the remainder of the bottle and cast it aside on the carpet, not moving a muscle as it landed on the rug with a thud and a roll. Not bothering to reach for a tissue, I rubbed my eyes against the silken sleeve of my robe, smearing what was left of my mascara against the expensive fabric. Helpless, I had no choice but to lay around, wallowing in my own misery as I waited to learn the fate of @AriaBlazing and my unborn grandhild. It was far too much to bear.*
Part Ten. – @HowIsMyHair Solo.
So I listened to @LiverAndChianti and tried so hard not to blow up at the stupi sone of a bitch. He let’s my daughter get kidnapped by a fucking monster like he “used” to be. And now this piece of shit is holding my baby, my princess and my grandbaby in one of my fucking warehouses. I crushed my cell phone in my hand. I couldn’t fucking breathe. I needed to talk to Maria. She wasn’t talking to me and was half a bottle of Chivas Regal or twelve into looptyville.~ Jeaysus christ. Night mare. ~ I got on the house phone and called up #Pussy and #Boots to get their idiot asses to the docks with their crews and find out where that “fan” of @LiverAndChianti was. And if @TortureIsMyJoy had my @AriaBlazing in one of my places to hold him until I got there. We had some new equipment that needed the kinks worked out of. It would be perfect if it was @TortureIsMyJoy that got the first dose.~ Maria! Christ pull yourself togetha woman. What’s his name has a “clue”. Whateveah the fuck that means.
Part Eleven. – Part One of Two of the Finale.
Jasper – [I slid open the door at the back entrance of the warehouse where I was keeping @AriaMisBehavin, having come back from leaving my last recording of fun time with @AriaBlazing for @LiverAndChianti at his house. Aria was right where I left her; tied to a chair with no shirt on, just her bra. Her recent plate of dinner still at her side on the floor and under a spotlight. “Honey, I’m home!” I shouted as I locked up the door after I entered.] I hope you didn’t miss me, I had some important things to do. Few people to kill, some things to blow up. You know, the usual. [Leans over and kisses @AriaBlazing‘s forehead as I reach her.] Are you as excited as I am? There’s only one day left until I finally get to eat you and your baby. [Coils my lips into a dark grin, watching @AriaBlazing closely.]
Aria – *How I was even conscious again, I wasn’t sure. The smell of the food near me both stomach-curdling and delicious at the same time who knew what @TortureIsMyJoy had laced it with, and so it sat, just as I did, bound, doubled-over in biting pain that worsened if I tried to move. The familiar searing sting that I’d once overcome, again spreading over my back with each breath I tried to take. My will lessening, or at least my body, my mind, not as much. I couldn’t, -wouldn’t- give in, give out. I couldn’t, because…I couldn’t bear to think of what it would do to @LiverAndChianti, and I pushed the thought away as quickly as it came. Easy to do when I heard the bastard’s voice as @TortureIsMyJoy came back from wherever he’d been. Miss him? My skin prickled with fear as he approached, but the mask I’d learn to wear long ago came back with an easy effort, astounding even myself* In..credibly…*I managed to mumble*
Jasper – Awww, aren’t you the cutest thing? [Pulls up a chair and takes a seat in front of @AriaBlazing, the camera set up to record the both of us.] It’s feeding time. [Gets up from my seat momentarily to get the camera to record and picks up a rusty fork from my working table.] I’m taking it easy on you tonight, my dearest. Tonight’s episode is a message. [After setting the camera to record and taking my seat against, I look directly into the camera with the plate of food in hand.] Listen to me, doctor…. Your stories never failed to satisfy me, and they just can’t come to an end; not yet, not now. [Picks at the plate and gets a piece of steak on the fork, motioning it over to @AriaBlazing‘s mouth.] You and /me/ belong together. Not you and… /this./ [Looks back at Aria momentarily.] We can be the greatest serial killer duo of all time. I need you, doctor, you’re my hero. You’re all I live for, everything I do is in your name.
Dr Lecter – Where the hell was @HowisMyHair? I had called the bugger over twenty minutes ago and he still hadn’t shown up. You think he would at least attempt to be punctual. Pacing back and forth, across the room, I stopped at the table for the millionth time and picked up my gun, checking and re-checking the clip, making sure it was loaded and ready to go with the flick of the safety. I was about ready to leave without @HowisMyHair if he didn’t hurry up. Every second we wasted was another second @TortureIsMyJoy had with @AriaBlazing. And that drove me near mental. @HowisMyHair had gotten in touch with me and informed me that the food had come from one of his warehouses, in a suburb of Baltimore not twenty minutes away. So close I could walk there. Shaking my head to clear the nerves, I waited not so patiently for @HowisMyHair to show up*
Pops – I drove onto the ridiculously long driveway of @LiverAndChianti to pick up What’s His Name who was obviously trying to compensate for for something. I had some new toys that #Pussy had found for me online. I had every intention of using them on @TortureIsMyJoy for some fun and games of my own. I punched my console when I started to think about what was happening to @AriaBlazing and I wanted that to be @TortureIsMyJoy‘s face. Or even What’s His Name. They were both idiots in my estimates right now. I slow down when I see @LiverAndChianti ace out the front door. ~ Got a tiny gun there doctah. ~I shake my head~ Get in the fuckin car, @LiverAndChianti!
Aria – I swallow my disgust as @TortureIsMyJoy sits down in front of me, his teasing sneer making my foot twitch just to kick it off, but I sit motionless, soundless, as he speaks to the camera, wincing only with the thought of what @LiverAndChianti has seen the far, wincing with a breath that must be taken, that inflates my diaphragm and sends the fiery burn to my toes. Focusing on an image of @LiverAndChianti ripping @TortureIsMyJoy to pieces limb by limb, I watch as he raises an old, rusted fork and dangles a piece of the steak in front of my hanging head, the urge to pull back, to flinch with revulsion quelled by his inattentiveness. Oh but God I wanted it, and my stomach chose that moment to growl abhorredly, giving me away* Tell…him…more. He’ll…*inhaling a breath through my nose* want to know, @TortureIsMyJoy *My mind rang with an Oh God as I tried to speak, if I had anything left to vomit, I might have*
Jasper – Don’t worry, honey, I’ll tell him more. [Forces the piece of steak into @AriaBlazing‘s mouth and pulls back on the fork as it passes her lips. Chuckling softly as I imagine her tasting the bitter taste of a rusty fork.] Anyways, doctor, back to what I was saying… You, you /complete/ me. It’s like if… I’m your son. [Looks at the camera closely while I rub on @AriaBlazing‘s stomach.] Maybe this was all needed, doctor. And once I finally rid of your little distraction here. [Continues feeding @AriaBlazing.] Everything will be set in motion for the two of us. [Smiles into the camera.] Aren’t you excited?
Dr Lecter – About goddamn time… *growls as I grab my gun and take off out of the house, running up to @HowisMyHair‘s* Does it matter how big the gun is? It’ll kill bastard dead all the same. *yanking open the door, I sat down in the car, a sudden stab of pain in my rear making me jump and nearly hit my head on the ceiling, pulling out the heretic fork from under me* Jesus… watch where you leave your toys, old man. And /drive/. We’re wasting time. *grumbles as I take my seat once more, wincing a little* Ouch…
Pops – Looks @LiverAndChianti as he yelps in pain, rolling my eyes, before speeding away from the house~ Yeah. I got some toys to use on your little fan there, @LiverAndChianti. ~I floor the gas pedal making quick work of the traffic by taking a few tunnels as short cuts~ He is going to be screaming like a stuck pig once I’m through wit him.
Aria – Spats the piece of meat and the filth it came from as soon as @TortureIsMyJoy‘s hands leave my head, hoping that whatever it’s tainted with, whatever could be on the fork, never makes its way to @BabyChocoChip, unable to stop the whimper that churns in the base of my throat as the movement twists my back. But more food is shoved and as much as I try to just hold it in my mouth, @TortureIsMyJoy strength and my own weakness necessitates swallowing if only to breathe* Sssstop…*I try to warn @TortureIsMyJoy before I send it back all over the front of him again, his mention of his plans churning my tummy once again even as his hand roams over my skin, my bump, my @BabyChocoChip. “Dear sweet God in heaven,” words my Ma uses @MamaZettiMia‘s voice wafting as if it’s in the room. My own replacing it as @TortureIsMyJoy repeats again for the camera, for @LiverAndChianti, his plans for me and my baby. “Hail Mary, full of grace…”*
Jasper – [Begins to growl lowly after @AriaBlazing spits out her food. I grab her head and force her mouth open by squeezing her cheeks together before forcing another piece of steak and vegetables into her mouth.] What the /fuck/ is wrong with you? /Eat!/ I’m trying to keep you and that little shit alive, alright? [Looks back into the camera.] How can you put up with this cunt? You must be miserable.
Dr Lecter – I’ll be the one using them. You’re just here for moral support for Aria. *grumbled low as @HowisMyHair and I speed towards the warehouse, every muscle in my body on edge. Couldn’t he go any faster? We were bloody well crawling at this pace… It didn’t take long to zoom down the streets, nearing the warehouse, big and dark in the falling dusk. Here we go…* He’ll be inside with her this late. We’ll have to be quiet.
Pops – Looks over @LiverAndChianti as I speed to the warehouses impressed that he’s finally showing some balls when it comes to this situation pulling into the narrow alleyways around the warehouses I pull up to the one @LiverAndChianti is sure @AriaBlazing and @TortureIsMyJoy are in. I park close and grab my gun and the heretics cross then look over @LiverAndChianti with an annoyed expression~ No ya think?
Aria – *”…the Lord is with me. Blessed are thou…” I continue in my mind as @TortureIsMyJoy forces the food in my mouth. Choking some, chewing even less, swallowing to prevent suffocation, my head rattling with the pain from @TortureIsMyJoy hands and the gash surely in it, tears freely flowing as it, coupled with the fiery pain in my back bring twinkling stars on the edges of what little I can see. Mentally and physically drained, I give way to the food, to @TortureIsMyJoy thinking soon I’ll see my @BabyChocoChip. Soooon…*
Jasper – /Thank you./ Now was that so hard? [Tilts my head to a side, getting back to feeding @AriaBlazing calmly.] I’m pretty sure this isn’t how you wanted to go out, but we all can’t get what we want, right? [Brushes away whatever tears @AriaBlazing has away from her eyes and feeds her the final portions of her dinner.] It looks we’re coming to an end for today’s chapter, doctor… You’re blinded and caged. I’m simply opening your eyes and setting you free,… father. See you soon. [Winks at the camera before turning it off.]
Dr Lecter – Waiting until @HowisMyHair killed the engine of the car, I took a deep breath and opened my door quietly, shutting it with a tiny click and motioning for him to follow me. @HowisMyHair and I crept stealthily along the gravel surrounding the warehouse until Pops pointed out a side door. Flicking the safety off and bringing my gun up, I nodded at @HowisMyHair as he pushed open the door, poking the barrel around the doorframe before noticing the room is clear, stalking inside with @HowisMyHair on my tail. Freezing as I heard the voice that had been in my nightmares for weeks now. My head snapping up towards another door, the voice floating out from behind the door.* Mr. Lorenzetti… get your toys ready.

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